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The Treasure America project is dedicated to strengthening the American economy. A strong economy and prosperous America depends on innovation, human capital and long-term thinking.

The Treasure America Project is an intensive initiative to promote sound economic policy in the United States and the preservation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, along with the economic benefits it provides in its current, natural state.

During the summer of 2005, a bi-partisan team of business people traveled the country analyzing ways that the American public, indigenous peoples, Alaskan citizens and corporate America can profit from protecting the Refuge in its pristine state.

The Treasure America Project brings greater awareness to the American public that:

1) America’s economic future does not depend on extracting resources from the ground but on business innovation, resource efficiency and human capital.

2) There are far faster, cheaper, cleaner, less corrupt and more profitable methods to address America’s energy needs than oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

A short documentary film will capture the experiences and insights of the Treasure America project team. The short film will be designed as a consensus building tool for politicians, native Alaskans, oil industry companies and teamster unions promoting oil drilling in the Refuge. The film will explore how these special interest groups will benefit through long-term protection of the refuge.

Treasure America Report: Kaktovik Tourism Industry Recommendations

New Press Release: Debunking the Myth of Oil Dependency in Alaska

Helping communities over-dependent on oil: Kaktovik, Alaska

During the summer of 2005 the Treasure America Project went to the village of Kaktovik, Alaska to analyze the economic consequences of oil industry dependence and opportunities to promote increased local entrepreneurship.
Invitation for Citizens of Kaktovik.
Seminar Flyer [PDF].
Trip report [DOC].
Website for local guides.

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